Liquid Web Animated Videos

Animation is tedious. And content that you want people to watch (more than a few seconds at least) needs to strike a chord right away. Knowing that, it’s always rewarding when you complete a project that exceeds expectations. At DropDrop, that’s what we strive to do every time.

The Liquid Journey

Welcome to the creative cosmos of DropDrop! Today, we’re giving you a backstage pass to our latest project – a series of animated masterpieces for the web hosting giants, Liquid Web.
Liquid Web isn’t just a web host. They’re the pioneers of premium hosting solutions, ensuring 99.999% uptime and round-the-clock access to their expert team, “The Most Helpful Humans in Hosting®.”
Our mission was clear: Bring Liquid Web’s unique story to life through compelling animation. We aimed not only to make waves but create ripples that redefine the industry.
As an award-winning production entity from Grand Rapids, Michigan, DropDrop has been stirring the creative pot since 2007. We don’t just produce videos; we craft immersive experiences that leave lasting impressions.
Without further ado, immerse yourself in the first video of this series. Dive into the world of Liquid Web, and witness how they’re a force of change rippling through the industry.

Video One

“‘I’ve seen a handful of OTT ads for enterprise cloud hosting recently and feel like they either all look the same or say the same thing. What ours do quite well is push the brand and help break through the noise, unlike competitor ads.”

Michael Phelps | Marketing Program Manager

Reimagining Visuals

Cheers, Michael. Persistence is our middle name. When Jason Grasshoff, Liquid Web’s veteran Marketing Director, suggested a pivot to a stop motion style reminiscent of animated magazine cut-outs, we were all ears. Jason’s examples of this distinctive style sparked immediate excitement among our team. Sure, it meant a fresh start, but with YouTube as the world’s second most frequented search engine, standing out from the crowd is imperative. Innovation? It’s our bread and butter.
This new stylistic approach promised to engage those wrestling with web hosting dilemmas. The payoff? A fun yet informative visual feast. With scenes designed in Photoshop to mimic an abstract collage-scrapbook, and client green light in our pocket, it was game on. We didn’t stop there, though. We infused the scrapbook effect with striking patterns, colors, and textures that screamed 90s nostalgia. Bold, audacious, and radiant – just as we nostalgically recall. Each composition brims with geometric shapes, radiating a joyful optimism. The addition of Hip Hop music injects a relaxed funkiness, perfectly setting the empowerment and inspiration tone for the brand.

Color Palette

The invigorating blue tone signifies Liquid Web’s robust and dependable brand, celebrated over its 25-year legacy. Hues of light blue infuse an element of playfulness and approachability. The grid backdrop is stippled with a turquoise shade, subtly suggesting wisdom, safeguarding, and optimism. The color white manifests simplicity, a desirable trait in the highly technical domain of web hosting. The harmonious blend of blue and white generates a maritime color scheme, aptly symbolizing ‘Liquid’ – a metaphor for the fluid, unhindered service of Liquid Web.

Liquid Web Color Palette

Neuroscience and Color Perception

The Impact of this Palette

Colors are more than a mere aesthetic choice; they are powerful tools that evoke emotions, influence moods, and guide decisions. The palette chosen for Liquid Web – Smokey Black, Bole Brown, Powder Blue, Light Cyan, Deep Space Sparkle, Blue NCS, Alice Blue, and Silver Sand – has been carefully curated to inspire specific responses.

Smokey Black is synonymous with power, elegance, and formality. It engenders a sense of mystery and the unknown, stimulating curiosity and engagement – key facets of compelling animation.

Bole Brown represents stability, reliability, and comfort. This grounding color cultivates trust in the content, allowing viewers to fully immerse themselves in the experience.

Powder Blue and Light Cyan, the lighter blues, exude serenity and tranquility. They offer a calming effect, creating an inviting and comfortable viewing environment.

Deep Space Sparkle and Blue NCS, the darker blues, embody strength and reliability. They instill feelings of wisdom and trust, reinforcing viewer’s faith in the brand and its content.

Alice Blue, a soft and pale azure, is associated with health and tranquility. It promotes a sense of calmness and positivity, contributing to a pleasant viewing atmosphere.

Finally, Silver Sand, a light grayish-white tone, creates a sense of balance and neutrality. It offers a calming influence and clarity, fostering a balanced viewing experience.

Video Two: Custom Hosting

Custom Hosting Solutions

Digital Chaos to Calm

In the bustling world of online business, a startup grappled with their website’s frequent downtime, a conflict that threatened their growth. The revelation came when they discovered Liquid Web’s custom hosting solutions, integrating the product into their operations, which induced an endorphin rush as they experienced unprecedented stability. Their awakening occurred when they realized that their previous hosting service had been their biggest obstacle. The transformation was remarkable – from a struggling startup to a thriving enterprise, mirroring the audience’s journey from chaos to stability. This story concludes with a call to action: Let Liquid Web be your partner in growth, ensuring your online presence never falters.

Video Three: VM Ware

VM Ware Animated Video

VMware: Navigating the Cloud Arc

Liquid Web had a mission as clear as a hare’s vision: to demystify the labyrinth of virtualization, multi-cloud services, cloud native applications, infrastructure management, security, and networking. All this, while ensuring users stay as entertained as a bunny at a carrot festival. A mountain of a task, you say? Well, we hopped right to it!

Did we succeed? Well, let’s just say, the bunny to your right isn’t screaming out of fear, but because it can’t contain its excitement at our success!

Final Thoughts

Liquid Web, known as “the Most Helpful Humans in Hosting,” is always there when you need assistance. Similarly, we like to believe we were there for Liquid Web when they needed us. A production company that stands by their side. It’s simply in our DNA at DropDrop. We don’t just create videos; we craft experiences that leave a lasting impression, echoing the ripples of transformation in the industry.

Creative Team

With Ryan Brady leading the design and animation, and Cassidy sweetening and polishing the sound design with mixing, DropDrop’s Dynamic Duo had crafted a visually engaging story that communicated the complex services of Liquid Web in an easily understood format.

Founder / Director



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